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Toshiba Satellite C660 Keyboard UK Layout

Toshiba Satellite C660 Keyboard UK Layout
End of Life
Toshiba Satellite C660 Keyboard UK Layout
Ex VAT: £7.50
  • : End of Life
  • PN: K000110260
  • SKU: KB-TOSH-660
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Keyboard for one of the most popular Toshiba laptop.

Brand New Keyboard with 12 months Warranty
UK Layout

Compatible with the following Part numbers

6037B0047802, 9Z.N1X82.001, 9Z.N4WSC.001, 9Z.N4WSC.00R, 9Z.N4WSU.00R, 9Z.N4WSV.001, AEBL6U00020, K000097450, K000097460, K000098730 , MP-09M86SU6698, MP-09N13US-698, MP-09N16SU-698, NSK-TN0GV, NSK-TN0SC, NSK-TN0SU, NSK-TN0SV, PK130CK1A00, PK130CK2A11, V000210270, V114302CS1, V114302CS1 US

Compatible Toshiba Satellite C650, C660, L670, L675, L670D, L675D Series Models

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