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Our easy to understand, step by step laptop screen buying guide


Purchasing the correct laptop screen is very important for your laptop and tablet.

Here is step by step guide on how to choose accurate screen for your laptop.


Step 1: Locate the laptop make and model. Usually it can be found underneath the laptop and should look similar to images below.


Step 2: Type in the Model no in search bar and hit Enter.


Step 3: Open the product page and go through the specification tab to ensure it’s the correct screen and resolution.


Step 4: If you are not sure about screen resolution, visit and it will show you the resolution for your existing laptop screen. Once again, match it with the resolution we have mentioned in specification tab.


Step 5: Once you have chosen the correct screen, simply Add to Cart and complete the purchase.


Sometimes one laptop model could use 4 different type of screens. We strongly recommend removing the screen and buy replacement against the part number supplied on screen. This way you will not make any mistake.


A typical screen part number looks like B156XW06, N156BGE-L21, LP156WH3(TL)x(S2), LTN156AT30, B133XW01 V.2, N173FGE-L23

Whether you buy screen with laptop model or actual screen part no, in both cases you will need to remove faulty screen so best practice is to remove faulty screen first and look for above mentioned part number, type in search bar, hit Enter and see the accurate panel you need.


Compatible / Replacement Screen


In screen business, there is no way of supplying the exact part number screen that came with your laptop. Every year screens manufacturers like Samsung, AUO, Toshiba, Chi Mei, LG-Philips will release new batch which would be 100% compatible with the one originally supplied with laptop.

We will always ship compatible screen and it will make no difference to laptop performance.


Laptop Screen Finish


Each laptop screen comes with Matte and Glossy finish. Most of the time it would be Glossy one we will ship but if you need Matte, Please type your choice in comment field during checkout.


Original and Copy Screen


Remember! Dell, HP, Acer do not make laptop screens themselves so there is no Original or Genuine business involved in laptop screens. Laptop screen has no cheap Chinese clones or copies. They are simply OEM panels.

If you still require assistance in selecting correct screen or we don’t have listed on our website, Please call us on 01922 610 610 and we will help your promptly.