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Welcome to our extensive collection of power cables and cords designed to energise your computers and laptops and perform at their best. Discover a range of high-quality, reliable solutions crafted to meet the diverse needs of today's technology-driven world.

Say goodbye to compatibility concerns. Our power cables and cords are designed to fit a variety of devices, making them versatile solutions for homes, offices, and businesses. Your safety is our priority. Our power cables adhere to strict safety standards, ensuring you can power up your devices confidently.

Experience the convenience of hassle-free shopping with our user-friendly website. Please browse our diverse selection of computer cables, read customer reviews, and find the perfect power cable or cord to suit your needs.

Brand: Dell
Features Grade A+ condition Genuine Longwell plug EU connection..
Ex Tax:£0.99
Brand: HP
The purpose of an HDMI cable is to provide a high-definition digital connection between devices. HDMI cables are commonly used to connect televisions, Blu-ray players, video game consoles, and other types of display devices. Features Brand New Condition 1.8m length HDMI - HDMI 1.4 vers..
Ex Tax:£1.00
Brand: SSL
This USB 2.0 cable connects your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with New connector to your Mac or Windows PC' USB port for syncing and charging or to the Apple USB Power Adaptor for convenient charging from a wall. Features Generic High-quality cable 1m length Non MFI Compatible wit..
Ex Tax:£1.20
Brand: Dell
The IEC (C13) to Euro mains cable, more commonly known as a European kettle lead is used for powering a variety of electrical appliances such as PC base units, monitors, printers & photocopiers, and a whole host of other equipment. The PVC connectors are sonically welded to provide a high-qualit..
Ex Tax:£1.20
Brand: OEM
Features Brand New Product Female VGA to Male DVI White Colour..
Ex Tax:£1.25
Brand: SSL
The C7 to UK mains cable, more commonly know as a figure 8 lead is used for powering some low powered appliances such as portable CD players, audio/video equipment and some laptop power supplies. The PVC connectors are moulded to provide a high-quality cable which is perfect for home or office us..
Ex Tax:£1.35
Brand: OEM
The C5 to European mains cable, commonly known as a clover leaf lead, is used to power some laptops and mobile projectors. It can be found on the Apple iMAC G4 desktop computer and other home electrical appliances. The PVC connectors are moulded to provide a high-quality cable for home or office ..
Ex Tax:£1.50
Brand: SSL
Features Brand New VGA Cable , Male - Male 1.5M Length Black Colour Suitable for computer monitors 75 pcs per box Please call us for bulk qty discount..
Ex Tax:£1.65
Brand: SSL
Introducing UK C5 clover cable, a premium quality CE, UKCA and BSI-certified power cable produced by a Tier 1 manufacturer. This cable sold by us has a length of 1.8 meters, providing ample reach to connect your device to a power source. The moulded plug ensures a secure and easy connection to ..
Ex Tax:£1.75
Brand: SSL
The IEC Extension - C13 to C14 is a high-quality power cable ideal for anyone who needs to extend the reach of their power supply. This cable is used but in clean condition, ensuring it will function reliably. With a length of 2M, this IEC extension cable provides plenty of extra lengths, allowin..
Ex Tax:£1.99
Brand: OEM
Features New 1.8M Clover C5 Cable it has special connector, please see picture before ordering..
Ex Tax:£1.99
Brand: SSL
Introducing our brand new tier 1 quality C13 power cord, meticulously designed to deliver reliable and safe power connectivity. With a generous length of 1.8 meters, this C13 UK power cord ensures flexibility in setting up your electronic devices while maintaining an optimal distance from the power ..
Ex Tax:£1.99
Features Brand New high-quality cable Displayport 0 Displayport ( M-M ) 1.8M length Individually packed..
Ex Tax:£2.50
Brand: SSL
This adapter allows you to connect devices with a DisplayPort connection to a VGA display. It supports high resolutions, making it ideal for use with HDTVs or other high-definition displays. Most importantly, this adapter is significantly cheaper than buying a separate DisplayPort and VGA ..
Ex Tax:£3.50
Brand: SSL
The DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter is used to connect a DisplayPort-equipped device to an HDMI display. This is useful for devices that do not have an HDMI port, or when you want to use a display with an HDMI input. The adapter converts the DisplayPort signal to HDMI, so you can enjoy your content on a..
Ex Tax:£4.50
Features Brand New Premium Quality Type C Cable USB-C - USB-C 1.8m long Capable of handling up to 5A current for fast charging Lenovo 03X7451..
Ex Tax:£4.99
Brand: Lindy
C13 & IEC C5 Splitter Extension Cable is a power cable that splits into two or more branches, allowing multiple devices to be powered from a single outlet. These splitter extension cables are commonly used in offices, data centres, and homes where multiple devices must be powered from a sin..
Ex Tax:£6.50
Brand: Lenovo
The Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter conforms to VESA DisplayPort Dual mode adapter type 2 standard. The input is compatible with DisplayPort 1.2 specification and HDMI output supports high resolutions up to 3840x2160, 30Hz. All standards require support from connected systems. Connectors are mini-D..
Ex Tax:£7.50
HP Duckhead C5 EU Cable for Laptop Charger
Out Of Stock
Brand: HP
Features Brand New C5 EU Cable 1.8m Length Special type with the duckhead as shown in the picture Suitable for HP adapters ONLY..
Ex Tax:£9.90
Brand: Apple
The Apple Power Adapter Extension Cable is a brand new, genuine Apple accessory that provides an additional 1.8m length to your existing Apple power adapter. This extension cable gives you extra flexibility and convenience when using your Apple device, allowing you to move around more freely while k..
Ex Tax:£9.99
Brand: Lenovo
The Lenovo USB-C to HDMI Adapter (4X90M44010) turns an available USB-C port into an HDMI 1.4-compliant output, with high-resolution video support and audio...
Ex Tax:£12.50
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