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Lenovo 02DL126 65W USB-C Laptop Charger

Lenovo 02DL126 laptop charger
Lenovo 02DL126 65W USB-C Laptop Charger
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Welcome to Softhands, the UK's largest online retailer of Lenovo USB-C Laptop Chargers.

Looking for a reliable Lenovo USB-C laptop charger that won't let you down? Look no further than this Lenovo 02DL126 Laptop Charger! This brand new charger offers 20 volts, 3.25 amps, and 65 watts of output power with PD function, technology that automatically detects and delivers 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A, and 20V/3.25A– perfect for keeping your laptop charged up and ready to go.

This Genuine Lenovo 02DL126 charger is fully safety certified and regulated, so you can be sure it's safe to use without posing any electrical hazard. Plus, it comes complete with a BSI-certified UK power cable for added peace of mind.

If that wasn't enough, we offer 12 months warranty and super-fast nationwide delivery so you can get your hands on this charger in no time.

Don't wait - order now and buy a trustworthy charger for your Lenovo laptop.

  • Features
  • Genuine Lenovo Spare Part
  • CE & UKCA Certified
  • FREE BSI Certified UK Power Cord
  • Super Fast Nationwide Delivery
  • PayPal Accepted
  • UK Based VAT Registered Company
  • Complete Peace of mind

Compatible with the following Lenovo Models

T570 (Type 20H9,20HA), P51s (Type 20HB, 20HC), T470 (Type 20HD, 20HE), T470s (type 20HF, 20HG), X270 (Type 20HN, 20HM), X1 Carbon 5th Gen - Kabylake (Type 20HR, 20HQ), ThinkPad X1 Tablet 2nd Gen (Type 20JB, 20JC), X1 Yoga 2nd Gen (Type 20JD, 20JE, 20JF, 20JG), Yoga 370, T470 (Type 20JM, 20JN), T470s (type 20JS, 20JT), T570 (Type 20JW, 20JX), P51s (Type 20JY, 20K0), X1 Carbon 5th Gen - Skylake (Type 20K4, 20K3), X270 (Type 20K6, 20K5), A275 (Type 20KC, 20KD), X280 (Type 20KF, 20KE), X1 Carbon 6th Gen - (Type 20KH, 20KG), ThinkPad X1 Tablet 3rd Gen (Type 20KJ 20KK), A475 (Type 20KL, 20KM), E480 (Type 20KN, 20KQ), E580 (Type 20KS 20KT), E485 (Type 20KU), E585 (Type 20KV), Lenovo Tablet 10, T480 (Type 20L5, 20L6), T480s (type 20L7, 20L8), T580 (Type 20L9, 20LA), P52s (Type 20LB, 20LC), X1 Yoga 3rd Gen (Type 20LD, 20LE, 20LF, 20LG), X380 Yoga, Yoga 11e 5th Gen (Type 20LN 20LM), 11e 5th Gen (Type 20LR 20LQ), L480 (type 20LS, 20LT) Laptops (ThinkPad), L580 (type 20LW, 20LX) Laptops (ThinkPad), L380 (type 20M5, 20M6) Laptops (ThinkPad), L380 Yoga (type 20M7, 20M8) Laptops (ThinkPad), A485 (Type 20MU, 20MV), A285 (Type 20MW, 20MX)

We have been in the laptop chargers industry since 2009 and sell to a large number of customer base including Schools, NHS, Retailers, Resellers, and blue-chip companies. Buy with complete confidence and treat your laptop with a trustworthy companion.

Charger Specification
Volts 20
Amps 3.25
Watts 65
Connector Size Type C
Tags: LEN/C/65 , 02DL126

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Welcome to Softhands, the UK's largest online retailer of Lenovo USB-C Laptop Chargers. Looking for a reliable {manufacturer} USB-C lapto..
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