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LG Philips 15.6" WXGA HD+ LED SCREEN LP156WD1

LG Philips 15.6" WXGA HD+ LED SCREEN LP156WD1
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  • P/N: LP156WD1 TLB3
  • 100% Brand New and Original Screen
  • Guaranteed to replace your old damaged screen
  • We may ship the exact model or a 100% compatible with this screen panel, depending on our stock availability. 
  • Our laptop screens are made by well-known manufacturers such as AU Optronics, LG Philips, Samsung, Chunghwa, ChiMei Innolux , IVO, Hyundai-BOEhydis, Sharp and Toshiba.
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B156RW01, B156RW01 V.0, B156RW01 V.1, B156RW01 V.3, LP156WD1(TL)(A1), LP156WD1(TL)(A2), LP156WD1(TL)(B1), LP156WD1(TL)(B2), LP156WD1(TL)(B3), LP156WD1(TL)(B4) , LP156WD1(TL)(D3), LP156WD1(TL)(D5), LTN156KT02, LTN156KT02-101, LTN156KT02-301, LTN156KT02-302, LTN156KT02-C01, LTN156KT02-V01, LTN156KT04, LTN156KT04-201, LTN156KT04-401, N156O6, N156O6-L01, N156O6-L02


Screen Specification
Size 15.6"
Type LED
Finish Matte
Resolution 1600*900
Connector Size 40 pin
Connector Location Bottom Left