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HP Compaq CQ32 CQ42 CQ43 CQ56 CQ62 Replacement Battery

HP Compaq CQ32 CQ42 CQ43 CQ56 CQ62 Replacement Battery
HP Compaq CQ32 CQ42 CQ43 CQ56 CQ62 Replacement Battery
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Lithium-ion Battery
Voltage: 10.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Colour: Black

Please check our compatibility list below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

HP Envy 17 Series
17-1000, 17-1001, 17-1002, 17-1003, 17-1004, 17-1006, 17-1007, 17-1008, 17-1010, 17-1012, 17-1013, 17-1014, 17-1015, 17-1016T, 17-1018, 17-1019, 17-1020, 17-1021, 17-1022, 17-1050, 17-1085, 17-1090, 17-1100, 17-1103, 17-1104, 17-1190, 17-1193, 17-1195, 17-1200, 17-1202, 17-1203, 17-2000, 17-2001, 17-2002, 17-2003, 17-2008, 17-2009, 17-2012, 17-2013, 17-2014, 17-2070, 17-2090, 17-2093, 17-2096, 17T-1000, 17T-1100, 17T-2000,

HP Pavilion DM4 Series
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HP Pavilion DV3-2000 Series
DV3, DV3-2200, DV3-2211, DV3-2225, DV3-2232,

HP Pavilion DV3-4000 Series
DV3-4, DV3-4000, DV3-4000SB, DV3-4004, DV3-4005, DV3-4006, DV3-4010, DV3-4016, DV3-4020, DV3-4026, DV3-4027, DV3-4028, DV3-4029, DV3-4030, DV3-4031, DV3-4034, DV3-4035, DV3-4038, DV3-4039, DV3-4040, DV3-4045, DV3-4046, DV3-4050, DV3-4051, DV3-4052, DV3-4053, DV3-4057, DV3-4059, DV3-4060, DV3-4061, DV3-4080, DV3-4100, DV3-4102, DV3-4103, DV3-4105, DV3-4106, DV3-4107, DV3-4121, DV3-4123, DV3-4124, DV3-4200, DV3-4207, DV3-4208,

HP Pavilion DV5-2000 Series
DV5, DV5-20, DV5-2000, DV5-2003, DV5-2008, DV5-2032, DV5-2034, DV5-2035, DV5-2037, DV5-2040, DV5-2043, DV5-2045, DV5-2046, DV5-2047, DV5-2048, DV5-2050, DV5-2051, DV5-2060, DV5-2070, DV5-2072, DV5-2073, DV5-2074, DV5-2077, DV5-2112, DV5-2114, DV5-2115, DV5-2129, DV5-2130, DV5-2132, DV5-2134, DV5-2135, DV5-2138, DV5-2144, DV5-2155, DV5T-2000, DV5T-2100, DV5-3000

HP Pavilion DV6-3000 Series
DV6, DV6-30, DV6-3000, DV6-3005, DV6-3006, DV6-3008, DV6-3010, DV6-3010SQ, DV6-3011, DV6-3012, DV6-3015, DV6-3020, DV6-3021, DV6-3025, DV6-3025SY, DV6-3026, DV6-3030, DV6-3030EJ, DV6-3031, DV6-3032, DV6-3033, DV6-3035, DV6-3037, DV6-3040, DV6-3042, DV6-3043, DV6-3044, DV6-3045, DV6-3046, DV6-3047, DV6-3048, DV6-3050, DV6-3050ET, DV6-3053, DV6-3055, DV6-3056, DV6-3057, DV6-3058, DV6-3060, DV6-3065, DV6-3067, DV6-3068, DV6-3070, DV6-3070EJ, DV6-3077, DV6-3079, DV6-3085, DV6-3088, DV6-3089, DV6-3100, DV6-3110, DV6-3111, DV6-3112, DV6-3113, DV6-3114, DV6-3115, DV6-3116, DV6-3117, DV6-3118, DV6-3119, DV6-3120, DV6-3121, DV6-3122, DV6-3123, DV6-3125, DV6-3127, DV6-3130, DV6-3131, DV6-3140, DV6-3141, DV6-3150, DV6-3163, DV6-3180, DV6-3181, DV6-3200, DV6-3298, DV6-3299, DV6-3300, DV6-3350, DV6-3351, DV6-3355, DV6-3362,

HP Pavilion DV6-6000 Series
DV6-6000, DV6-6001, DV6-6002, DV6-6003, DV6-6004, DV6-6005, DV6-6007, DV6-6008, DV6-6011, DV6-6012, DV6-6013, DV6-6022, DV6-6023, DV6-6024, DV6-6025, DV6-6026, DV6-6027, DV6-6029, DV6-6042, DV6-6051, DV6-6054, DV6-6063, DV6-6087, DV6-6090, DV6-6091, DV6T-3000, DV6T-6000,

HP Pavilion DV7-4000 Series
DV7-4000, DV7-4002, DV7-4003, DV7-4004, DV7-4007, DV7-4010, DV7-4012, DV7-4015, DV7-4016, DV7-4020, DV7-4022, DV7-4025, DV7-4026, DV7-4027, DV7-4030, DV7-4032, DV7-4035, DV7-4040, DV7-4040EK, DV7-4045, DV7-4047, DV7-4050, DV7-4053, DV7-4057, DV7-4060, DV7-4065, DV7-4070, DV7-4073, DV7-4080, DV7-4085, DV7-4090, DV7-4100, DV7-4105, DV7-4106, DV7-4130, DV7-4131, DV7-4140, DV7-4142, DV7-4150, DV7-4170, DV7-4180,

HP Pavilion DV7-6000 Series
DV7-6000, DV7-6001, DV7-6002, DV7-6004, DV7-6005, DV7-6006, DV7-6007, DV7-6008, DV7-6011, DV7-6012, DV7-6013, DV7-6014, DV7-6015, DV7-6025, DV7-6055, DV7-6065, DV7-6070, DV7-6081, DV7-6090, DV7-6097, DV7T-6000,

HP Pavilion G4-1000 Series
G4, G4-1000, G4-1010, G4-1011, G4-1012, G4-1013, G4-1014, G4-1015, G4-1016, G4-1017, G4-1018, G4-1019, G4-1020, G4-1021, G4-1022, G4-1023, G4-1026, G4-1027, G4-1038, G4-1039, G4-1047, G4-1048, G4-1049, G4-1050, G4-1051, G4-1052, G4-1053,

HP Pavilion G6-1000 Series
G6, G6-1000, G6-1005, G6-1006, G6-1008, G6-1009, G6-1010, G6-1011, G6-1012, G6-1013, G6-1014, G6-1016, G6-1022, G6-1023, G6-1024, G6-1025, G6-1026, G6-1027, G6-1030, G6-1031, G6-1040, G6-1041, G6-1042, G6-1045, G6-1046, G6-1047, G6-1050, G6-1051,

HP Pavilion G7-1000 Series
G7, G7-1000, G7-1001, G7-1002, G7-1003, G7-1004, G7-1006, G7-1007, G7-1010, G7-1017, G7-1019, G7-1020, G7-1022, G7-1023, G7-1024, G7-1025, G7-1030, G7-1033, G7-1040, G7-1045, G7-1046, G7-1050, G7-1051, G7-1053, G7-1054, G7-1070, G7-1075, G7-1081, G7-1086, G7-1090,

HP G42 Series
G42, G42-100, G42-101, G42-154, G42-16, G42-161, G42-163, G42-164, G42-200, G42-212, G42-214, G42-215, G42-220, G42-230, G42-232, G42-240, G42-241, G42-243, G42-247SB, G42-250, G42-268, G42-270, G42-281, G42-283, G42-290, G42-300, G42-301, G42-303, G42-328, G42-351, G42-352, G42-354, G42-360, G42-361, G42-362, G42-364, G42-365, G42-366, G42-367, G42-368, G42-369, G42-370, G42-371, G42-372, G42-375, G42-378, G42-380, G42-381, G42-382, G42-383, G42-384, G42-385, G42-386, G42-387, G42-388, G42-394, G42-397, G42-398, G42T, G42T-200, G42T-300, G4T-1000,

HP G56 Series
G56, G56-100, G56-105, G56-106, G56-107, G56-108, G56-109, G56-112, G56-130,

HP G62 Series
G62, G62-100, G62-101, G62-103, G62-104, G62-105, G62-106, G62-107, G62-110, G62-120, G62-120EH, G62-130, G62-130EK, G62-140, G62-144, G62-150, G62-200, G62-224, G62-251, G62-400, G62-450, G62-451, G62-452, G62-454, G62-456, G62-460, G62-467, G62-468, G62-A, G62-A00, G62-A01, G62-A02, G62-A03, G62-A04, G62-A10, G62-A11, G62-A12, G62-A13, G62-A14, G62-A15, G62-A16, G62-A17, G62-A18, G62-A19, G62-A20, G62-A21, G62-A22, G62-A23, G62-A24, G62-A25, G62-A26, G62-A27, G62-A28, G62-A28ET, G62-A29, G62-A30, G62-A34, G62-A37, G62-A38, G62-A39, G62-A40, G62-A43, G62-A44, G62-A45, G62-A50, G62-A50SM, G62-A53, G62-A55, G62-A60, G62-A63, G62-A80, G62-B, G62-B00, G62-B09, G62-B10, G62-B11, G62-B12, G62-B13, G62-B14, G62-B15, G62-B16, G62-B17, G62-B18, G62-B19, G62-B20, G62-B21, G62-B22, G62-B23, G62-B24, G62-B25, G62-B26, G62-B27, G62-B51, G62T, G62T-100,

HP G72 Series
G72, G72-100, G72-101, G72-102, G72-105, G72-110, G72-120, G72-130, G72-150, G72-214, G72-251, G72-257, G72-A, G72-A01, G72-A02, G72-A10, G72-A10ED, G72-A12, G72-A20, G72-A20SB, G72-A26, G72-A27, G72-A30, G72-A30SB, G72-A40, G72-A50ET, G72-A50SB, G72-B, G72-B01, G72-B02, G72-B10, G72-B15, G72-B20, G72-B60, G72T,

Compaq Presario CQ32 Series
CQ32, CQ32-101, CQ32-105, CQ32-106, CQ32-107, CQ32-108, CQ32-109, CQ32-110, CQ32-111,

Compaq Presario CQ42 Series
CQ42, CQ42-100, CQ42-105, CQ42-106, CQ42-106 CQ42-108, CQ42-116, CQ42-117, CQ42-118, CQ42-124, CQ42-125, CQ42-130, CQ42-131, CQ42-132, CQ42-133, CQ42-136, CQ42-137, CQ42-138, CQ42-139, CQ42-151, CQ42-152, CQ42-153, CQ42-154, CQ42-158, CQ42-165, CQ42-166, CQ42-167, CQ42-170, CQ42-171, CQ42-173, CQ42-174, CQ42-175, CQ42-176, CQ42-177, CQ42-179, CQ42-180 , CQ42-181, CQ42-182, CQ42-184, CQ42-185, CQ42-186, CQ42-187, CQ42-188, CQ42-189, CQ42-190, CQ42-191, CQ42-192, CQ42-193, CQ42-194, CQ42-195, CQ42-200, CQ42-200 , CQ42-201, CQ42-202, CQ42-202 , CQ42-203, CQ42-204, CQ42-205, CQ42-206, CQ42-224, CQ42-225, CQ42-251, CQ42-252, CQ42-253, CQ42-271, CQ42-272, CQ42-294, CQ42-295, CQ42-300, CQ42-301, CQ42-302, CQ42-303, CQ42-304, CQ42-305, CQ42-309, CQ42-310, CQ42-311, CQ42-312, CQ42-313, CQ42-320, CQ42-352, CQ42-353, CQ42-354, CQ42-355, CQ42-356, CQ42-359, CQ42-360, CQ42-362, CQ42-365, CQ42-371,

Compaq Presario CQ43 Series
CQ43, CQ43-100, CQ43-101, CQ43-103, CQ43-200, CQ43-202, CQ43-203, CQ43-204, CQ43-208,

Compaq Presario CQ56 Series
CQ56, CQ56-100, CQ56-101, CQ56-102, CQ56-103, CQ56-104, CQ56-105, CQ56-106, CQ56-107, CQ56-108, CQ56-109, CQ56-110, CQ56-111, CQ56-112, CQ56-113, CQ56-114, CQ56-115, CQ56-120, CQ56-122, CQ56-124, CQ56-126, CQ56-129, CQ56-131, CQ56-132, CQ56-133, CQ56-134, CQ56-135, CQ56-136, CQ56-142, CQ56-148, CQ56-154, CQ56-155, CQ56-156, CQ56-160, CQ56-170, CQ56-200, CQ56-201, CQ56-203, CQ56-204, CQ56-205, CQ56-206, CQ56-207, CQ56-209, CQ56-210, CQ56-219, CQ56-220, CQ56-240, CQ56-250, CQ56-252, CQ56-253, CQ56-256, CQ56-258, CQ56-261, CQ56-280, CQ56-283, CQ56-290, CQ56-292, CQ56Z-200,

Compaq Presario CQ62 Series
CQ62, CQ62-100, CQ62-101, CQ62-102, CQ62-103, CQ62-104, CQ62-105, CQ62-106, CQ62-108, CQ62-109, CQ62-110, CQ62-111, CQ62-112, CQ62-113, CQ62-114, CQ62-115, CQ62-116, CQ62-200, CQ62-201, CQ62-202, CQ62-203, CQ62-204, CQ62-206, CQ62-207, CQ62-209, CQ62-210, CQ62-211, CQ62-212, CQ62-214, CQ62-215, CQ62-219, CQ62-220, CQ62-221, CQ62-225, CQ62-226, CQ62-229, CQ62-230, CQ62-235, CQ62-239, CQ62-251, CQ62-255, CQ62-258, CQ62-262, CQ62-263, CQ62-264, CQ62-271, CQ62-274, CQ62-300, CQ62-302, CQ62-305, CQ62-306, CQ62-308, CQ62-309, CQ62-310, CQ62-351, CQ62-355, CQ62-357, CQ62-358, CQ62-360, CQ62-A, CQ62-A00, CQ62-A01, CQ62-A02, CQ62-A10, CQ62-A10SY, CQ62-A20, CQ62-A20SB, CQ62-A25, CQ62-A30, CQ62-A36, CQ62-A50, CQ62-A55, CQ62-A65, CQ62Z-200, CQ62Z-300, CQ630, CQ72

Battery Specification
Condition New
No of Cells 6
Volts 10.8
Capacity 4400mAh