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Genuine HP 19.5V 4.62A 90W Blue Tip Laptop Charger

Genuine HP 19.5V 4.62A 90W Blue Tip Laptop Charger
Genuine HP 19.5V 4.62A 90W Blue Tip Laptop Charger
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  • P/N: 710413-001

Smart AC adapter (90 watt) - 4.5mm barrel connector - Requires separate 3-wire AC power cord with C5 connector

New Genuine HP Spare Part

19.5V 4.62A – 90W output

Supplied with Power Cord

HP 14-ac005tu, 14-am012nf, 14-an060sa, 14-bp012na, 14-bp015na, 14-bs004la, 14-bs007la, 14-bs009ng, 14-bs038na, 14-bs043na, 14-bs060nd, 15-ac013nf, 15-ac013ns, 15-ac014ns, 15-ac016ns, 15-ac119nf, 15-ac198nf, 15-ay001cy, 15-ay002cy, 15-ay005ur, 15-ay008cy, 15-ay009cy, 15-ay010cy, 15-ay012cy, 15-ay027ng, 15-ay031nt, 15-ay032nt, 15-ay035ni, 15-ay064nm, 15-ay081nr, 15-ay101nf, 15-ay106nf, 15-ay110no, 15-ay121nf, 15-ay128ng, 15-ay163ns, 15-ay169nr, 15-ay512ng, 15-ba033nf, 15-ba047cl, 15-ba051nl, 15-ba053nr, 15-ba059ng, 15-ba063ng, 15-ba084ng, 15-ba500nl, 15-ba526ng, 15-bs000ns, 15-Bs005ns, 15-bs006ns, 15-bs008la, 15-bs010nr, 15-bs011la, 15-bs012ns, 15-bs016dx, 15-bs017ns, 15-Bs019la, 15-bs020nr, 15-Bs021la, 15-bs030la, 15-bs030ng, 15-Bs038ns, 15-bs048nl, 15-bs049n, 15-bs049ns, 15-bs062nz, 15-bw004nc, 15-bw005nc, 15-bw010au, 15-bw010nr, 15-bw016l, 15-bw017ns, 15-bw018ns, 15-bw019nc, 15-bw020nr, 15-bw021ns, 15-bw024nc, 15-Bw025no, 15-bw025ns, 15-bw026no, 15-bw026ns, 15-bw027no, 15-bw027ns, 15-bw028no, 15-bw028ns, 15-bw031nc, 15-bw033ns, 15-bw037na, 15-bw037ns, 15-bw040ns, 15-bw051nc, 15-bw053nc, 15-bw054nc, 15-bw064nr, 15-bw070nr, 15-bw080nd, 15-bw082nd, 15-g001sm

Charger Specification
Connector Size4.5 x 3.0