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Genuine Dell 3CWYH 65W Laptop Charger

Genuine Dell 3CWYH 65W Laptop Charger
Genuine Dell 3CWYH 65W Laptop Charger
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A genuine Dell 3CWYH laptop charger with 65W output power is ideal for replacing your old, broken charger. With built in surge protection, high temperature shut off and a fire retardant casing, this laptop charger will ensure that your laptop battery won’t suffer from any charging based damage. We even provide a one year guarantee, for your peace of mind.

The Dell 3CWYH charger will fit your Dell laptop perfectly, charge battery quick and ensuring a long and reliable lifespan, for both the charger and the laptop’s charging port.

Tip! Only a genuine laptop charger and head will prolong the life of both products. 

The laptop charger cable itself is 1.8m long, to allow the laptop power supply to be further away. This can be useful in larger offices with fewer charging points. 

Our Dell 3CWYH laptop computer charger comes in at an affordable price point for all budgets. If you’re a laptop refurbisher or trader looking to buy in bulk, please contact us for bulk prices and you will be amazed to see how we can support your business!

  • Features
  • Genuine, brand new Laptop Charger 
  • One year RTB Warranty 
  • CE marked for safe use in the UK and EU
  • Supplied with FREE 1.8M Power Cord 
  • Fire retardant casing 
  • Peace of mind from buying genuine parts and spares
  • Low price at just £23.99

This charger is compatible with the following Dell Latitude models and many more.

Chromebook 11, Chromebook 3120,

Inspiron 14 (3437), Inspiron 14 3000 Series (3451), Inspiron 14 3000 Series (3452), Inspiron 14R (5437), Inspiron 15 (3537), Inspiron 15 3000 Series (3541), inspiron 15 3000 series (3552), Inspiron 15 5000 Series (5548), Inspiron 15 7000 Series (7537), Inspiron 15R (5537), Inspiron 17 (3737), Inspiron 17 7000 Series (7737), Inspiron 17R (5737), Inspiron 5551, Inspiron 5555, Inspiron 5558, Inspiron 5758,

Latitude (3450), Latitude (3550), Latitude 14 Rugged 5404, Latitude 3150, Latitude 3160, Latitude 3330, Latitude 3340, Latitude 3350, Latitude 3440, Latitude 3460, Latitude 3470, Latitude 3540, Latitude 3560, Latitude 3570, Latitude E5250, Latitude E5440, Latitude E5450, Latitude E5470, Latitude E5540, Latitude E5550, Latitude E5570, Latitude E6440, Latitude E6540, Latitude E7240, Latitude E7440, Latitude E7450, Latitude Rugged Extreme 7204, Latitude Rugged Extreme 7404, Latitude E5270, Latitude E7270, Latitude E7470, Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme 7414, Latitude 14 Rugged 5414, Latitude 12 Rugged Extreme 7214, Latitude 7280, Latitude 7480, Latitude 5280, Latitude 5480, Latitude 5580

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Adapter Specification
Volts 19.5
Amps 3.34
Watts 65
Connector Size 7.4 x 5.0
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